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About The Wedding DJ - More Than Just About Music

You need to understand where DJs came from and how they operate nowadays. A few years ago DJs used vinyl to entertain a crowd. These DJs were masters at what they did and they were hard to find! If you managed to get hold of of one you would be almost guaranteed that your wedding or event would be a success!

Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry who owns a computer with MP3's calls himself a "DJ". This is causing quite a problem in the DJ market as many of these so-called DJ's are only in it to make a quick buck at the cost of the client. 99% of the time these "DJ's" have no real experience or proper equipment to really provide a service to a client. Bear this in mind when looking for your wedding DJ.

Understand Your DJ

A DJ isn't just there to hit the play button and look cool. His job can be really stressful! It takes years for a DJ to gain experience and build a "brand" for his services. An experienced DJ knows the wedding industry. He knows all the local wedding venues and he knows how to get a crowd on the dance floor! Bear in mind that you will find two types of DJs: (i) Wedding DJ and (ii) Club DJ.

01 A Wedding DJ knows the wedding industry and he knows what songs to play at the right time.

02 A Club DJ might be the "man of the hour" in the club, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he will know what to play at your wedding.

Remember people go to a club because they like the type of music that gets played there and because they are in a party mood. You will however not always find this at a wedding. The age of people attending a wedding can vary from 5 to 80! For this reason is quite important to choose a DJ that knows a wedding crowd and knows how to ensure that everyone is having a fantastic time at your wedding.

A good DJ will look at the reaction of your guests when he plays certain genres of music. We refer to this as "reading a crowd". Professional DJs know how this works and this only comes with experience!

We Present To You: The DJ

Remember that your wedding DJ is a working service provider on your wedding and it's expected that he must be neatly dressed. Ask references about the DJ's dress code. Did he drank a lot during their event? And, very important: PUNCTUALITY! Make sure your DJ is well informed about the flow of events on your wedding day - like cutting of the cake, father-daughter-dance etc.

DJ Equipment

If you knew nothing about your wedding DJ the state of his equipment can tell a lot about himself and his services! A DJ who looks after his equipment and keeps it neat it passionate about his work and is well worth considering for your next event! About the equipment ... you as the client will probably not have any knowledge of DJ equipment but bear in mind that proper equipment will provide good sound quality and that it will be enjoyed by all your guests! Professional DJs will have Professional Sound. Don't forget to ask the DJ if he has backup equipment in case anything goes wrong - believe you me, many things can and will go wrong during an event.

About The Music

Please, take note here. You and your fiancé will have a certain taste of music. Bearing this in mind, don't ever, under any circumstance try to enfore this on your wedding DJ. It will end up in a disaster! Your wedding will end sooner that you antisipated and you will be the only couple left on the dance floor! This is however a great way if you want the DJ to go home at 10 pm! Trust the DJ - he knows what he's doing! Tell your DJ what kind of music you and your guests would like to hear.

A professional DJ will only need a list with 15 songs on it to make any event a success! A professional DJ will know his music and better yet, will know when to play it! Remember every wedding will differ from a previous one and a good wedding DJ will treat each one differently! But if you hire a professional DJ you won't need to worry about a thing! Afterall, it is your big day, so relax and enjoy the party!

The Wedding DJ Knows His Music

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