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Corporate Sound Functions Bloemfontein

Corporate Functions Sound Equipment Bloemfontein

Even though our DJs are known for throwing big parties, we are also corporate driven. We have specialised equipment that is perfect for any corporate function. Whether the speaker requires a lapel microphone, a projector or a projector screen, we have it all. Your dedicated sound technician will be present throughout the function/event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We don't just setup the equipment and go home. Forgot to make a booking or your sound engineer didn't show up? Not to worry, just give us a shout even if it's within hours of your function. We are here to help.


The Ultimate Corporate Setup

Corporate QSC TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer


QSC TouchMix 16

The QSC TouchMix is the only mixer you'll need to run a corporate event without any problems. Whether or not you're experienced with setting up a mixing board, the TouchMix series is designed to help you get great sound fast.



QSC K.2 Series Loudspeaker Systems Bloemfontein


QSC K.2-Series Speakers

When it comes to corporate functions one can't compromise on sound equipment. The QSC K.2-Series is simply the best speaker money can buy. Not only does it provide crystal clear sound at any volume, but the compact size of the speaker makes it the choice for any corporate event. Each speaker provides an astonishing power of 2000 watts!


Shure Wireless Microphones Bloemfontein


Shure Wireless Microphones

With hassle-free setup, stage-worthy construction, and superior sound quality, the SM58 does what great gear is supposed to do - get the job done and never get in the way. The first professional choice for freedom from the wire. From wireless handheld to headsets. We got you covered.



Speaker Stands With Scrims Bloemfontein

Professional Stands (On-Stage)

Needless to say that a corporate function must look professional. The same goes for the speaker stands. All our speaker stands are covered with scrims to ensure a professional look and to hide any untidy cables and leads.




Corporate Projection Screens Bloemfontein

Projection Screens

We have a variety of projections screens that ranges from 1 meters up to 3.5 meters. From Indoor, outdoor, front projection or rear projection ... you name it. We furthermore also have LED TVs with stands with scrims available.




Full HD Short Throw Projectors Bloemfontein

Vivitek DW882ST

The DW882ST delivers a 88" (2.2 meters) diagonal image from less than 1 meter distance from the surface. With a brightness of 3,600 ANSI Lumens and contrast ratio of 15,000:1 it delivers a perfect image display.




Staging Solutions For Corporate Functions Bloemfontein

Staging Solutions

Our stages varies from 1m x 1m or 2m x 1m decks. Height varies from 40cm to 60cm. Our stages are also covered with curtains to ensure a clean and professional look.




LED Mood Lights For Corporate Functions Bloemfontein

LED Mood Lights (Up Lighting)

No corporate event is complete without some lights to create the perfect atmosphere. Our LED lights are battery-operated and last up to 8 hours. These lights can be placed anywhere and no fear about a guest tripping over cables. Setup takes seconds.

About Us

Sound Bytes has been offering sound and video services in Bloemfontein for over 15 years. We specialise in weddings, corporate functions and events all over the country.


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