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About The Wedding DJ - More Than Just About Music

You need to understand where DJs came from and how they operate nowadays. A few years ago DJs used vinyl to entertain a crowd. These DJs were masters at what they did and they were hard to find! If you managed to get hold of of one you would be almost guaranteed that your wedding or event would be a success!

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Don't Kill Your Wedding DJ

Don't Kill The DJ - Book Well In Advance

It's vital to us that our clients understand how important it is to confirm your event. Only once the confirmation fee (admin fee) has been paid will your event be booked and confirmed. We don't follow-up on quotes that get send out. Of course one needs to shop around for the best quote, but don't surprise if someone else has beaten you to it. The best suppliers are usually booked a year in advance!

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Preventing Microphone Feedback Is Very Easy

Feedback: Microphones & Speakers

Some DJs find this concept very difficult to grasp! They look around startled like they never heard feedback before, and the MC is standing with the microphone only one foot away from the speaker wondering what the cause is. Good DJs never produce feedback.

Solution? Make sure the guest speakers or MC doesn't stand to close to the speakers when using the microphone! As simple as that!

How To Choose Your Bloemfontein Wedding DJ

How To Choose Your Bloemfontein Wedding DJ

Choosing a wedding DJ for your function or wedding is one most important decision you can make to insure the success of your event. Even if everything else is perfect, without good music your function could be a big disaster! This article will provide you with great tips to help you choosing the right DJ for your wedding or event.

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Which Questions To Ask When You Interview Your Wedding DJ

Interview Your DJ - Questions To Ask

Are you familiar with my wedding venue?

Ask your DJ if they have done weddings at your reception site before. It helps that they know the wedding venue, how to get there, and they have a familiarity with the staff.

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Keep Your Wedding DJ Informed

Make Sure To Keep Your DJ Informed

It's the DJ's responsibility to know when all the events are supposed to occur during reception, like cake cutting, bouquet tosses, etc. The DJ's job is to work with catering, and know when meals are being served and when the milestone events are to take place. The DJ and the caterer should have this under control before your reception begins.

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Meeting Your Wedding DJ

Meeting The Couple Prior To The Big Day

When we meet with couples that are getting married we go through a quick questionnaire to ask them which specific songs they would like to hear. It may be overwhelming for the couple to provide us with all the information at once. To make it easier for the couple, we have made a list of what songs we require to ensure that the correct songs are played at the right time.

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Professional Wedding DJ Bloemfontein

Professional DJ vs Inexperienced DJ

Professional Service

You can expect a DJ with a lot of experience in previous events like yours. He should be able to provide great input as to what would make your event a great success. Of course this will come at a price - well worth investing. You get what you pay for!

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The Customer Is Always Right

The Customer (Bride & Groom) Is Always Right

Even on your wedding day, you are still the customer and you're fully entitled to receive great service with a smile. Hence why it's important to hire a professional wedding DJ so that you can just enjoy every magical moment. However, you may want to prevent some of these things from happening at your reception, a lot of them are preference.

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