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Professional Wedding Videography Equipment

Camcorders & Drones

Wedding Video Cameras Bloemfontein


Sony NEX-VG20

The Sony NEX-VG20 together with our secret stabilizer allows us to capture creative footage at weddings. Both the Sony camcorders are Full HD. The VG20 offers the same features as the VG30, but with a manual zoom lens. During the couples' shoot all the creative shots are performed by the VG20.


Wedding Video Cameras Bloemfontein


Sony NEX-VG30

The Sony NEX-VG30 is used to capture all the special moments on your big day (bridal entrance, speeches, first dance). This camera is mounted on the Vangaurd Tractor 4 tripod to ensure a steady shot each time. The VG30 offers an automatic zoom lens. This allows us to deliver smooth video when zooming. We use the built-in microphone of this camcorder as it provides exceptional audio quality.


Karma Drone Footage At Bloemfontein Weddings


Karma Drone

When the weather and location allows it, we'll gladly capture some drone footage of your wedding venue (ceremony and reception hall). The Karma Drone allows 15 minutes of flying time which is more than enough to capture some creative footage of the ceremony and reception hall. Drone footage allows up to simply give you a next level wedding video.



Tripods, Sliders & Stabilizers

Video Tripods Bloemfontein

Vanguard Tracker 4

These professional tripods provide the ultimate stability and durability when it comes to shooting video. The fluid head of the tripod makes camera movement a breeze and ensures a smooth video operation. The tripod can extend up to 1.88 metres and allows video capturing when guests are standing in front of the camera or if space is limited.



Wedding Videographers Sliders Bloemfontein

Video Sliders

Sliders are the tool any wedding videographer can have. They allow you to creative some superb cinematic effects by simply sliding your camcorder from one side to the other. We mainly use our slide when capturing the decor at the reception hall.




LED Lights Bloemfontein

Aputure Amaran 198C LED Lights

These LED lights provide a great lighting source when required to take footage in low light conditions (like recording messages of the guests and cutting of the cake) and with limited time to do so. The battery operated LED lights can be mounted onto the camcorders within seconds and requires no additional cables or setup.


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