Which Questions To Ask When You Interview Your Wedding DJ

Interview Your DJ - Questions To Ask

Are you familiar with my wedding venue?

Ask your DJ if they have done weddings at your reception site before. It helps that they know the wedding venue, how to get there, and they have a familiarity with the staff.

Will you be the actual DJ playing music at my wedding?

This one is important. You would hate to spend an hour interviewing your wedding DJ and like their personality, only to be blindsided at your wedding by having another DJ show up, when you expected the DJ that you interviewed. Make sure that the DJ knows at what time he can start setting up his equipment and at what time he needs to start playing music for your guests. Give the DJ a call a month ahead of the wedding to verify all details.

What about wedding DJ overtime, and other unexpected or hidden fees?

Kindly ask your DJ to clarify all costs involved for your wedding or event. If your reception runs longer than booked make sure you know what the DJ's hourly rates are. Note that some DJs would require the fee to be paid upfront before continuing playing after his booking time.

What attire should your DJ wear at your wedding?

Make sure to let your DJ know what he should wear to your wedding or event. Would he need to war a tuxedo? Smart casual?

How many years experience do you have? Do you allow requested from guests?

Some wedding DJs have a list of songs they play and except for the bride and groom first dance, do not give you much choice. A good DJ reads the crowd and knows what to play. Be sure to tell your DJ what NOT to play, as well as special songs you want to hear. Ask if they will accept requests from wedding guests. Your wedding DJ should be flexible with a wide selection, so requests from your wedding guests can be fulfilled.

You want a wedding DJ who can adapt to any crowd. This DJ will be someone who is very well versed in all areas music. Don't try to give the DJ a tape or a list of 100% of the songs to play for the night. You hired a DJ not a juke box operator. If they stick to your play list, I can guarantee you'll have an empty dance floor. Your musical taste is not the same as 120 people at your wedding. Let your DJ do their job and keep your wedding guests happy.

How long will it take you to setup your equipment?

Usually a DJ requires about 3 hours to setup his equipment for your wedding event, but make sure that you allow him more time to get everything sorted out. This way the DJ can do a sound check and make sure that everything is working fine. Make sure that the organisers sets a table and chair for the DJ. Sound Bytes believe in the philosophy that the DJ should NEVER overshadow the bride and groom! Rather, let him setup off the right closer to the crowd. Remember: it's your big day, not the DJ's!

Will you need to be fed at my wedding?

Be sure to feed your DJ, with travel, setup, performance, tear-down and return travel, they often go 10 or 12 hours without eating Ask if they want to be fed. Some DJs want food, some do not want to eat while they work. They deserve it though, because they might be there 4 hours with nothing to eat or drink. The caterer needs to know so they can bill you accordingly. They usually make sandwiches for the DJ's, musicians, photographers, etc., or you can just let them eat off your buffet.

What problems have you encountered at weddings and how did you solve them?

You want a wedding DJ who is resilient, able to respond quickly to unforeseen mishaps that can destroy your wedding. You can bet that many weddings look smooth, but had issues that were quickly seamlessly patched behind the scenes by DJs, caterers, and other vendors.

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