Meeting Your Wedding DJ

Meeting The Couple Prior To The Big Day

When we meet with couples that are getting married we go through a quick questionnaire to ask them which specific songs they would like to hear. It may be overwhelming for the couple to provide us with all the information at once. To make it easier for the couple, we have made a list of what songs we require to ensure that the correct songs are played at the right time.


  • Background Music: What music/genre would you like us to play at the chapel while the guests are seated and waiting for the arrival of the bride? Classical? Piano? A mix of both?
  • Arrival Of The Bride: What song should play when the bride enters the chapel/church. Make a note if a different song is required for the bride's maids.
  • Signing Of The Register: Your guests may be seated or they may be busy leaving the chapel when you sign the register. Again, to ensure that there is no awkward silence, we would like to know what song we can play during this time.
  • Exiting Of The Chapel: Let your guests know that you are ready for a party and let's play a song when you are about to exit the chapel. Sometimes it's not possible to play a song due to location or weather. Any song will do here. You can even use the same song when you entered the chapel. There are no rules here.



  • Arrival Of The Couple: Now is your big moment. Tell us what song we should play when you enter the reception hall. This can either be a new Top 40 hit, or perhaps a song that has some deeper meaning to the both of you. Anything goes.
  • Speeches: We would like to have an indication of the amount of speeches/toasts that will be taking place. Don't worry if you don't have an exact amount.
  • Background Music: What music would you like to hear during the formalities and the main course/buffet. We usually play a genre what we would call "modern background". This will include artists like Louise Carver, David Gray, Watershed, James Blunt, Train, Lady Antebellum, Caro Emerald, Parletones. Don't fear the background music will be kept to a low volume. You are also welcome to provide a list of music you would like us to play.
  • Groom's Speech: We will ask if (a) the groom will be doing a speech and if so (b) would his friends be encouraging him. Don't worry; we won't interfere with his speech. We believe that the groom has something special he would like to tell his bride on her big day.
  • Opening Of The Dance Floor: Again, there is no right or wrong song that can be played here. If the couple can dance (and if the dress allows it) then choose a song you can dance to. If not, a slow dance song will do just fine. This is your moment to shine, forget about all the guests starring at you. Just enough the moment together.
  • Other Formalities: These can include Father & Daughter / Mother & Son dance etc. With modern times, these formalities have disappeared, however you are still welcome to choose a song.
  • Cutting Of The Cake: Any song that has 'sugar' or 'sweet' in the lyrics will do. However, any song that is special to the couple will be played as well.
  • Bouquet Toss: Here we would need a song to get 'all the single ladies' on the dance floor. Don't worry if everyone is already married ... there are other ways to do the bouquet toss.
  • Garter Toss: Again, we need a song that has some beat to get the men to join the fun.

Believe it or not, but after the garter toss it's time to party. Please, enjoy every moment of your big day. It only happens once in a life time and we will try our best to ensure that you and your guests will remember the day forever!

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