Professional Wedding DJ Bloemfontein

Professional DJ vs Inexperienced DJ

Professional Service

You can expect a DJ with a lot of experience in previous events like yours. He should be able to provide great input as to what would make your event a great success. Of course this will come at a price - well worth investing. You get what you pay for!


An experienced DJ will easily provide your with references. This way you can phone up his latest clients and confirm quality service from the DJ.

Superb Music Knowledge

Along with an experienced DJ comes his vast knowledge of music! Not only will the DJ have a variety of different music styles, he will know what music to play at the most appropriate time.

Quality Equipment

The heart of any professional DJ can be found in his equipment. A professional DJ will always invest in quality DJ equipment. From the speakers to the headphones he uses.



Inexperienced DJ

Inexperienced Wedding DJ

Limited Service

Don't be surprised when this kind of DJ calls you on the morning of your big day to cancel your event! Be careful of fly by nights. These DJs don't care about their "business" nor about your needs. Bear this in mind if you do choose this DJ for your next event.


This DJ probably won't even have a business card nor any references. This should be seen as a warning light! Rather get a professional DJ.

What Music Knowledge?

This DJ probably got all his music from his mate and now thinks he is an "expert". But does he know what songs to play to keep your guests on the dance floor?

Quality what?

He will probably be playing your wedding music on his home stereo (hifi). His system will most probably fail halfway through the event! Invest in a professional DJ, please!

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